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Mixed Income
Housing Calculator

How do incentives and affordable housing requirements impact the economics of housing development projects in the Minneapolis/St Paul (MSP) Region? The calculator is designed to allow cities to explore the relationship between various local incentives and the development of mixed income housing.

The calculator is prepopulated with data from the MSP region and can be further customized by users to reflect the unique circumstances or scenarios in their community.

For example, a user can experiment with the value of a reduction in parking standards and if that offsets the cost of including a mix of housing unit types and values. Participants can choose from various types of municipalities (e.g. inner ring suburb) and developments (e.g. garden apartments), or build their own scenarios.

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The Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP) Regional Mixed Income Housing Feasibility Education and Action Project is a project sponsored by The Family Housing Fund and the Urban Land Institute Minnesota/Regional Council of Mayors (ULI MN/RCM) Housing Initiative, with funding support from The McKnight Foundation and Metropolitan Council.